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Creating and Managing Affiliates

The Affiliates tab is where LinkTrust users create and manage affiliates. The following are sections within the Affiliates drop-down menu.

View All:

This page allows users to search for any affiliate by the search criteria provided.


This is where users can create new affiliates.  Affiliates can be added directly by the user, or they can sign up through the Affiliate Center if the client allows it.  The Add New Traffic Source tab allows users to create a new affiliate and assign a group, primary manager, and traffic type to the affiliate, as well as send a welcome email and set a password for the Affiliate Center.


This is where users can search for, edit, and export payments recorded in LinkTrust.  They can also add a new payment directly or import payments from a file.


This is where users can see pending and denied applications from affiliates.  Users can search for applications and view the affiliate signup details, as well as accept or deny applications either individually or as a group.

Send a Message:

This page allows users to send custom email messages to affiliates.  Users can also create, edit and use email templates here.

Campaign Requests:

This page allows users to view all the requests for campaigns that affiliates have sent in from the Affiliate Center.  They can also approve or deny the requests either individually or as a group.


The Groups page allows users to add affiliate groups and re-assign affiliates to new groups.

Mass Action:

Use this page to create a mass action to authorize, unauthorize, block or change payouts for affiliates by campaign. Also, change the Affiliate Manager for the Affiliates selected.

My Test Affiliate:

This is where users can designate a test affiliate account to facilitate testing.  They can select any of these options for test affiliates: set Affiliate Payout to $0, set Advertiser Revenue to $0, auto un-approve all transactions, and/or bypass all campaign click filters.

My Affiliate Center:

This is a link to the Affiliate Center login page.

Edit Affiliate

To edit an affiliate, click on the blue text containing the company's name on the My Traffic Sources page (view all).

Affiliate Account

Account Details:

This page contains the account information for the affiliate. To learn about the Affiliate Account Details see Affiliate Details.


This is where users can search, add, edit, and export payments for the affiliate.  They can also update the affiliate's payment information here.


 This page allows LinkTrust users to search the campaigns assigned to a specific affiliate as well as assign new campaigns.  Users can also manage the affiliate’s pixels on this page.  Affiliates can place pixels for specific campaigns or set a global pixel that fires on conversions for any of their campaigns.  To learn more see Campaigns.


Affiliates can refer other affiliates and earn a bonus commission based on their referrals' commission.  This page allows LinkTrust users to manage and view the commissions and referrals for their affiliates.  


This is where LinkTrust users can create, view and manage tasks regarding the specific affiliate.

Login to Affiliate Center: 

This is a link to log the user into the affiliate’s Affiliate Center account.  You can see the details and reporting for the affiliate's assigned campaigns.  Only campaigns set to the status Public Live or Private Live show up in the affiliate center.


See Reporting


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